Heart Health & Hearing Loss

Did You Know Your Heart Health Affects Your Hearing?

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When your heart isn't working properly, it can affect your hearing, too. Strickland Ear Clinic works with patients who experience hearing loss as a result of poor heart health. Our clinic in Meridian, Idaho will work with you to find improvements for your hearing loss and prevent it from getting worse.

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3 facts about heart-related hearing loss

Heart disease and hearing loss go hand in hand. Strickland Ear Clinic recommends paying attention to your heart health to prevent hearing problems in the future.

Want to learn more? Here are three important facts about heart disease and hearing loss:

1.Individuals with poor heart health are at a higher risk for hearing loss.
2.Lack of blood flow to the ears can result in hearing loss.
3.Hearing loss caused by poor heart health is not reversable.

Keeping your heart healthy is a step toward preventing hearing loss. Schedule an appointment at our hearing center today by calling 208-375-4327.