Custom Ear Molds

Trust Your Hearing To Custom Earmolds, Not Disposable Foam Earplugs

From Hunting And Music To Swimming And More, Custom Earmolds Protect Your Hearing Without Bulky Headphones. Work And Play Without Damaging Your Hearing.

The following medical diagnosis and individuals may find custom ear molds very helpful:

  • Sensory / Hyperacusis
  • Hearing Aids
  • Pilots
  • Hunters
  • Police/security

Enjoy Concerts And Crowds Again

Enjoy Concerts And Crowds Again

From professional musicians to audience members, custom earmolds create more pleasurable experiences. It's all about the attenuation characteristics of earmolds. In other words, how loud can it be while your custom earmolds remain protective of your hearing? Hearing aid users also love our custom earmolds.

Say Goodbye To Ear Pain And Swimmer's Ear

Say Goodbye To Ear Pain And Swimmer's Ear

Kids and adults know earaches hurt! If you or your child suffer from ear problems, you already know nothing ruins an afternoon of swimming faster than water in the ears. Does your child currently have tubes in his or her ears? We can help with that too!

How Do We Create Custom Earmolds?

An impression of your ear canal and concha area is taken, making it (of course!) unique to you. Because there are many types of custom earmolds including skeleton, semi-skeleton and half-shell- and various types of earmold locks, you'll want an experienced practitioner working with you. Patients fly-in from all over the U.S. to meet with our Doctor of Audiology. Contact us for your no-obligation consultation.