Dementia & Hearing Loss

There's a Correlation Between Dementia and Hearing Loss

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Alzheimer's disease is a scary condition. Many medical professionals are concerned that hearing loss and dementia are correlated and the best way to decrease the risk of both is by focusing on your overall health. Strickland Ear Clinic will help you create a plan for healthy aging and monitor your progress during your routine visits to our Meridian, Idaho clinic.

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Hearing loss affects your brain structure

It has been proven that hearing loss is correlated with dementia by Frank Lin at John Hopkins. However, we do know that hearing loss affects the way your brain functions. Strickland Ear Clinic recommends focusing on aging healthily to decrease the risk of hearing loss and dementia.

We consider healthy aging to be...

  • Staying physically healthy and active with regular exercise
  • Taking steps to avoid injury during your daily tasks
  • Engaging your mind in mentally stimulating activities

If you're worried about dementia, it's important to speak with a medical professional about your concerns. Schedule an appointment at Strickland Ear Clinic today.