High-Quality Sound Transmission With BONEBRIDGE

Get a bone conduction implant in Meridian, ID

BONEBRIDGE is an innovative bone conduction implant that transmits sound directly to the inner ear. Bone conduction can help hard-of-hearing individuals whose ears cannot transfer sound via the natural path. With BONEBRIDGE, the sound is transmitted via the cranial bones to the inner ear to stimulate the auditory nerve. Choose Strickland Ear Clinic for hearing system surgery in Meridian, ID.

The BONEBRIDGE hearing system is available for adults and children aged 12 years and above. It can be used to correct...

Conductive hearing loss
Mixed hearing loss
Single-sided deafness

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Getting your hearing back is an exciting opportunity. The BONEBRIDGE bone conduction hearing system is an effective way to restore your hearing in a convenient way.

The BONEBRIDGE procedure requires:

A short surgery that takes under an hour
An invisible implant under the skin
A comfortable audio processor
Interchangeable audio processor colors
Customization to fit your needs

BONEBRIDGE can be activated within two to four weeks after your surgery.

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