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Uncommon Causes of Hearing Loss

The most common types of hearing loss are noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) and presbycusis.  NIHL is the result of exposure to excessive amounts of noise.  Presbycusis is a gradual hearing loss in both ears that commonly occurs as people age.  However there are more than 100 different causes of hearing loss.  Here are just […]

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Tips for Hearing Impaired Travelers

It’s that time of year when people head for warmer climates.  Traveling can be stressful for people with a hearing loss. But don’t avoid traveling because you have a hearing loss and wear hearing aids.   If you do wear hearing aids, below are some tips you may find to be useful if you are planning […]

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Hearing Aids and Cold Weather

Winter is here.  If you are going outside you tend to plan accordingly, coat, hat, gloves maybe a scarf or weatherproof footwear.  The precautions that you need to take will depend on the actual weather conditions.  If you wear hearing aids there are a few precautions you should also take to avoid unnecessarily damaging your […]

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Hearing With Two Ears

We’re often asked about why it’s important to wear two hearing aids. The majority of human beings come equipped with two ears.  The balanced arrangement and coordination between the ears provides significant advantages (see below) in comparison to individuals who come equipped with just one ear or if both ears have impaired hearing. An estimated 90% […]

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